When it comes to furnaces and air conditioning systems, there’s nothing that we can’t handle. Thanks to our team of fully-qualified engineers, we have the expertise to service, install, and repair any make or model. Whether it’s your AC, furnace, or hot water tank, we’re here to help.

We are very well known in the Detroit Metro and Warren area for our excellent servicing programs, designed to keep your system in tip top condition. We can regularly clean your burner and ignition assembly, we can keep your blower motor up to date, and we can adjust the blower components as we go. Filtration inspection, and the testing and adjusting of safety controls are just a few popular services we offer. We also check electrical connections, make sure all moving parts are adequately lubricated, check combustion, and inspect vent piping during the course of a normal furnace tune up.

When we deal with AC systems, we aim to increase levels of efficiency. A normal tune up would include cleaning the condenser coil, the condensate drain, and the blower motor. You’d find us inspecting the filtration system and looking for refrigerant leaks. We would test the condensate pump, the starting capabilities, adjust the blower, monitor the refrigerant pressure, and measure amperage and voltage – and that’s just the beginning!

We’re pros at getting older systems to run like new. From Madison Heights to Royal Oak, we’re in the business of looking after heating and cooling systems – let us look after yours!


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