McCarver Mechanical is here to help! No matter what problem you have with your heating and cooling systems, we’re the experts that are on your doorstep and ready to help! We service all of Detroit Metro, Warren and Macomb County!

A lot of people, both in residential and commercial situations, often find that they have problems with their heating and cooling systems, and it can often be down to the malfunction of a thermostat. We specialize in maintaining and repairing existing heating and cooling systems. It is through the careful maintenance of such systems that a faulty thermostat can be spotted. Through our rigorous checking processes during preventative maintenance, all individual parts of a cooling and heating system are checked. Not only can we isolate problems, but we can correct them. When it comes to thermostats, we can maintain, repair, and install new thermostats.

Of course, a good heating and cooling system should stand the test of time. A properly maintained system can last for decades, but it has to be well looked for. Regular maintenance is where we should be able to help! Ignoring your system until something goes wrong is a false economy – you will save more money by regularly servicing your systems.

If you have any problem whatsoever with your thermostat, give us a call. Our professionally trained staff has customer service levels that are through the roof. From Royal Oak to Fraser, we’re ready to hit the road and ride to your rescue. We can tackle any system, be it residential or commercial. We have the team to repair, replace and install no matter how big or small. Contact us today to find out how we can best help your system.

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