We always recommend the fitting of UV lamps within any air conditioning system for the purpose of getting rid of mold, bacteria, and airborne microorganisms. When you are dealing with any sort of microbial growth, UV light can be incredibly effective in terms of stopping growth. Unfortunately, there are plenty of old heating and cooling systems out there which do not have UV lamps fitted as standard.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars fitting a new heating and cooling system. We can adapt older systems to work with a fitted UV lamp without having to rework the whole system.

Of course, you may find that your air conditioning system has been fitted with a UV lamp in the first place, but these do have a natural life span. It’s important that you have your heating and cooling system regularly serviced so that your engineer can spot when the UV lamp fails. It’s important to refit at this point to avoid any problems.

As a local company we are always ready to respond to any problems. We service customers in the Detroit Metro area, and also visit places like Fraser and Ferndale with regularity. So pick up the phone today – we’re delighted to help!

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